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Here’s the coverage the U-T San Diego team and I did at Coachella. It was a phenomenal experience. I covered it with two professionals, one of which was George Varga, a man I have immense respect for.

My priorities of the festival were these:

1. Help George in whatever way I could (which turned out to be taking photos, retrieving his notepad from the car, and other such tasks)

2. Produce material (I produced seven pieces, five of which were show reviews, all of which can be found on the link above)

3. Enjoy the festival (I did)

The festival has a life and culture of its own. The grass field of the festival is vast and surrounded by desert and mountains. The sunsets are smooth and unspectacular.

The art is a spectacle. Impressive during the day, several pieces lit up at night with vibrant color. The art was impressive and stood out, but did not detract from the music, but reinforced it in many ways. During Arcade Fire, multiple pieces were changing colors seemingly in unison with the beat of the song.

There were 25 mph winds on Saturday afternoon that were irritating, but manageable. It was hot, but not unbearable, and I ate a ton of frozen fruit bars that were delectable. 

There were certain moments — the sun dropping below the horizon as Broken Bells played, Arcade Fire’s exhilarating performance of “Neighborhood #3 (Power Out),” Grouplove’s fun “Tongue Tied,” and The Head and the Heart’s “Let’s Be Still” — that stand out in my memory.

Moments like these occurred constantly in the festival, and my job was to catch as many as I could and try to translate them into succinct stories. It’s like collecting snowflakes as they fall and converting them to drinkable water.

It was an experience that I’ll value, and the friendship I made working with George, was invaluable.

Please Pray!


Yesterday at 4pm began the worst fire in the history of Valparaíso. It seemed to be over earlier today in the afternoon so I went to take some pictures and see if there was anything I could do to help. What I saw was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. SO much damage. So many people lost…

15 acts you must hear at Coachella

I’m covering Coachella this weekend for U-T San Diego, and these are some acts we chose for who to see. I’m really grateful for the opportunity and extremely excited to absorb the atmosphere and hopefully produce some material worth reading. I’ll be putting up the articles from this weekend on this blog, so stay tuned! You can also follow the U-T’s festival coverage here.

Making unique music with ILYA

Here’s a profile I did of San Diego-based band ILYA. I met with three of the members in their studio. They were really cool, it was fun hearing about their journey as a band and listening to them trade memories.

Wild Child celebrates music -€” quietly

Here’s my review of Wild Child’s concert last Sunday. They are such a fun band, I was reminded of how much I like to go to shows and write about them. Music is communal; Wild Child reinforced this concept.

Working for the weekend

Here’s my Q&A with Adam Lazzara, lead singer of Taking Back Sunday, which will be playing at House of Blues San Diego on Friday. I felt really comfortable talking with him, he was personable, respectful and thoughtful. It made for a memorable conversation.

Home Stretch

People, I’m nearing the home stretch. Do I have a job lined up? Nope. A place to live? Nope. A plan? Not really. But I’m trying.

I was asked in an interview a few weeks ago where I think I’ll be in five years. I talked a little bit about wanting to be in the writing field and settled in a community. But I have no idea. Five years? How many recent college grads can answer that question specifically?

Ultimately, like everything else, it’s about balance. There’s a balance between being patient for something to turn up and being a good steward of our resources and applying ourselves to the task, whatever that task may be.

I’ve been told that “it’ll work out,” but that’s about the most vague thing you can ever tell someone.

I know it’ll work out; I just hope it works out soon.

What now for Lady Antebellum?

Here’s the newest article I did for U-T San Diego. Dave is a gentleman, it was really pleasant talking with him.

This internship has made me appreciate several different genres. More to come!

Excellent song from a band that has heart.

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