Tijuana w/ @clauclauu1 & #JonnyPickett yesterday. (at Tijuana, Baja California)

A sage and a Catalonian. @clauclauu1 #ArtSeamans (at North Park, California)

@jolewilson @chrisibabi, leather coat, & a mountaintop, doesn’t get much better than that #tbt (at Huasna, California)

Established jazz musicians give young players a few notes

Here’s the last story from my U-T San Diego internship. It was fun to try to capture the spirit and reach of the program in its relation to the community of San Diego. 

Yann Tiersen: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Building our furniture #IKEA #newhome @keithfarris @bigbootydavid @conorbrumbaugh

Excellent dinner & tea this evening. #summer (at Upstart Crow Bookstore & Coffee House)


I’m sorry this post has taken so long to go up. I graduated on May 10 and the best part about graduation was seeing so many different people who have been essential to my college career come together. From the hugs post-ceremony to my graduation party, I was reminded of how fortunate I am to know the folks I do. 

My graduation party was remarkable, because Jonny and Matt and Christin met Dr. Michael Clark and Dr. Mark Wright, a meeting I’d anticipated and was glad to see come to fruition. It took place at Art’s apartment and Art dictated a poem in my honor to Christin, who read it aloud. It was heart-warming. 

The wheels continued to turn with Mother’s Day the following day, as well as moving out of my on campus flex apartment, then finishing setting up summer graduation stuff. I finally got settled down at the Paul’s house once all the goodbyes were made.

Now, I’m applying for jobs and apartments and reading a lot. It’s difficult still being in a state of transition, knowing that whatever routine I’ve made for the last week and a half is short-lived. But change is the essence of life, isn’t it? At least that’s what someone’s said.

Being in this state has a focusing effect. It reminds me that my identity is not dependent upon being a student, or having a career, but upon Christ. Christ is the constancy by which I live day to day. And I have to hold to that.

It was a great year. I love that school.



Geiser del Tatio // San Pedro de Atacama